Armored Vehicles 10 Март 2015, 18:02

GDELS-SBS has provided the Spanish Ministry of Defense with the first two RG-31 Mk5E in 2008 from the contract signed for the supply of 100 of these vehicles.

The two vehicles were delivered in 2009 to the Spanish Army at the Seville factory where the integration of the arms system and other work has been carried out. GDELS-SBS reaffirmed its commitment to provide, as indicated in the contract, a total of 12 vehicles before the end of January and complete the entire delivery before the summer.

As soon as the contract was drawn up, GDELS-SBS provided the Army with a demonstrator vehicle to begin familiarization with it and, amongst other things, determine the loading plan. During the first week of September, personnel from the Parachute Battalion began checking it out. According to the regulations of the Spanish Army, the vehicle must transport nine men with individual equipment and the appropriate supply of arms, ammunition, water and food provisions for three days, 81 rations and 85 liters of water. The Minister of Defense, Carme Chacón, had the opportunity of personally seeing this demonstrator vehicle during a visit on December 4 to the 12th Armored Infantry Brigade "Guadarrama" in El Goloso, where it was located at the time. Accompanied by the Army Chief of Staff, General Coll, Chacón visited the static exhibition of various material, including the RG-31 demonstrator vehicle, and saw first-hand the main characteristics of the multipurpose vehicle, especially designed for resisting mines and improvised explosives.