Artillery Systems 10 Март 2015, 17:24

DINAPS is a modular and customizable system, combining a hybrid (Inertial+GPS)

Navigation System, a Muzzle Velocity Radar (MVR) and powerful Software solving in real time the ballistics for static or moving targets and for any combination of projectile-charge available.

DINAPS is adaptable to any ground mobile platform (towed howitzers, tracked or wheeled, mortars, rocket launchers, etc.). The Inertial Navigation Unit (INU) is extremely precise determining the elevation and northing angles of a gun barrel or rocket launcher tubes. The system corrects automatically the firing for any variation in ammo, charge or meteorology.

AGLS (Automatic Gun Laying System) can be installed jointly with DINAPS taking advantage of the high INU precision. AGLS is adaptable to any orientation and elevation system, hydraulically or electrically powered and provides an effective solution for automatic laying of gun barrels and launchers.

DINAPS + AGLS can be adapted to different weapon systems and platforms providing an impressive “shoot and scoot” capability.
DINAPS software design permits links with any C2 system using different communications systems.

DINAPS + AGLS has been successfully adapted to the SBS 155/52 Howitzer in its versions V07 and SIAC, and to the self-propelled Howitzer M109.

DINAPS also has been adapted to the L118/L119 Howitzer from Royal Ordnance.