Mobile Military Bridge Systems 10 Март 2015, 15:59

MTB - Medium Trackway Bridge

The increased need for a self-sufficient gap-crossing capability of ground forces has lead to the development of the Medium Trackway Bridge (MTB), a modular lightweight bridge of aluminum that provides bridge lengths of 2, 4, 6 or 8m for maximum loads of MLC40. The single bridge modules can be transported directly by even small tactical vehicles and can easily be launched and retrieved by the crew with a simple adapter. The launching / retrieving time for a 4m MTB is approximately 12 minutes with four soldiers.

The MTB enables tactical vehicles with zero or very little gap-crossing capability to enhance their mobility on the battlefield without relying on bridging engineer units, thus not only increasing their maneuverability but also their protection level since it will enable troops to detour potential risk areas.

MTB – Tomorrow’s Technology for Today’s Engineer Forces