Mobile Military Bridge Systems 10 Март 2015, 14:46

IRB – Combat Proven Bridge Equipment

The IRB Improved Ribbon Bridge provides wet gap crossing capabilities either as floating bridge or multi-bay raft for combat vehicles and trucks. IRB was developed from the proven design of the US Army’s Standard Ribbon Bridge (SRB) and the German Floating Support Bridge System (FSB) which both have been in service in ten countries worldwide since the 1970s.IRB Interior Bays and Ramp Bays are of a design similar to that of SRB and FSB; they retain the same operational requirements and are fully interoperable. 

RB bays are transportable on trucks, railway cars and transport aircrafts or as underslung load of a helicopter.
– transportable on various 10 tons / 15 tons PLS trucks with a Bridge Adaptor Pallet (BAP) and on all in-service SRB/ FSB bridge transport trucks;
– load capacity for bridges or ferries of MLC 80T/96W;
– operable in water currents up to 3.05 mps;
– total usable roadway width of 6.75 m for two-lane traffic for MLC 20T/14W vehicles;
– total usable roadway width of 4.50 m for single-lane traffic for MLC 80T/96W vehicles;
– crossing capability for loaded Heavy Equipment Transporters (HET);
– improved ramp bay reaching bank heights of 2.00 m;
– improved folding and unfolding mechanism;
– improved non-skid surface;
– improved splash plates prevent flooding of the roadway;
– hydraulic system using bio-degradable, non-inflammable fluid.

IRB has successfully been in service in the U.S. Army, the U.S. Marine Corps and the German Army since many years.

IRB – Tomorrow’s Technology for Today’s Engineer Forces