Infantry Fighting Vehicles / Medium Combat Vehicles 10 Март 2015, 13:21

The ASCOD is one of the best Infantry/Cavalry fighting vehicles in the world today.

It is the result of development and cooperation at Santa Bárbara Sistemas (Pizarro) and the Austrian company Steyr (Ulan) in Austria, as the Spanish and Austrian Government requirements coincided. The first prototype was ready in 1992 and four years later, the Spanish Government awarded a contract to Santa Barbara Sistemas to produce a first phase of 144 units (123 Infantry/Cavalry - VCI/C - and 21 Command - VCPC-, extended in a second phase by a further 212 units (356 in total). Also produced 112 vehicles to the Austrian Army (ULAN).

The VCI/I ASCOD is a tracked armored vehicle with a monocoque hull of armor steel plates with a capacity for a combat group of seven riflemen and a three-man crew, with a high power/weight ratio, thanks to its combat weight of 28 tons.

The power pack and running gear with seven wheels, three supporting rollers and wide steel track make a high mobility vehicle with maximum speeds of 70 km/h forward and 35 km/h in reverse.