Light Tactical Vehicle 6 Март 2015, 18:28

The DURO is a well protected, highly mobile, off-road tactical transport vehicle based on the proven DURO family of vehicles, which are in operation world-wide and were especially developed for military requirements and applications. Today, more than 4'000 vehicles are in service.

The DURO is a three-axle, multi-purpose vehicle, powered by a six-cylinder diesel engine. The permanent all-wheel drive is controlled by a 5-speed automatic gearbox as well as by a two-range transfer case. All axle and inter-axle differentials are TORSEN self-locking differentials. The DeDion-type axles are suspended with coil springs. The patented stabilizer system allows axle twisting in off-road situations, and prevents body rolling during on-road operation.

The stabilizer system and the self-locking TORSEN differentials, together with the long wheel travel, provide outstanding mobility for on-road and off-road driving.

The DURO has a modular protection concept. The protection level of cabin and shelter can be adapted by means of add-on armor kits to provide protection against various threats. Due to the large protected utility volume, various mission kits can easily be integrated into the vehicle in accordance with customer-specific requirements.

The DURO vehicles have become the preferred multi-purpose vehicle platform for various armed forces around the world, fulfilling a variety of tasks, such as logistics vehicles, troop transporters, ambulances, EOD vehicles, mobile C3 stations, weapon tractors, etc.