Eagle 4x4

Light Tactical Vehicles 6 Март 2015, 18:13

The EAGLE sets a new standard in the domain of light tactical armored vehicles in the weight class up to 10 tons.

It is suitable for reconnaissance, communication, patrol and observation missions.

The EAGLE is based on the advanced GDELS-Mowag DURO chassis technology with its patented roll stabilizer and the proven De-Dion-type axle system.

The distinguishing vehicle features include a very high payload for the GVW, a high ballistic and mine protection level as well as exceptional mobility, both on- and off-road.

The high logistic commonality with the DURO provides significant life cycle cost benefits.

The EAGLE provides protection against ballistic weapons and mines in accordance with international standards.

It can be equipped with NBC overpressure system, central tire inflation system (CTIS), winch, mission-specific cargo module, EURO V engine and other optional equipment.